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African violet suckers

So, on 23/4/17 I purchased a couple of NOID AVs, gave them a trim and removed some suckers. Placed the suckers in my own DIY mix of peat soil:perlite:vermiculite 1:1:1 and watered the suckers top down.  Details Soil: DIY mix of peat, perlite n vermiculite  Heat: high. In MIL garden. Testing whether they'll do well… Continue reading African violet suckers

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Herbs Progress update 

Today's day 8 of planting those herb seedlings. Here's a little look at how they fare in the Singapore heat. Okra / lady's finger   It's been doing fine and seems to be having some fun in the heat. Seems like 2nd set of leaves are going to emerge soon.  Chilli   Clearly more seedlings have emerged.… Continue reading Herbs Progress update 

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Herbs – progress and more seed germination

As the weekend rolls around, it's also time to do some gardening in Singapore 🙂  First up - status updates on all my herbs. For information, I grow the herbs on a ledge, where it gets bright shade and couple of hours of afternoon sun and heat. Well ventilated.  Lady's finger / okra seedlings comparison… Continue reading Herbs – progress and more seed germination

Herbs · Lady's finger · Lemon balm · Seed germination

Germinating seeds!

Last Sunday, I made a trip to a local nursery to purchase some plants. African violets, soil, orchids, fertiliser. My Husband, ZY, purchased some seeds! Okra (lady's finger) and lemon balm. So we planted them on Sunday!  The okra seeds germinated yesterday! After a grand total of 3 days! Day 4 (27/4/17) - total count… Continue reading Germinating seeds!